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Throsby’s AusPol ~ Week 7

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Stoush me not

Australians might all have an opinion on a stoush between the government’s two most senior ministers – to wit, a prime minister and his deputy.

But the perplexed alien – foreigners sufficiently interested to acquire perplexity (perhaps …

The Adelaide Shows ~ Theatrescope

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Mr. C. Spencer, of New York City, opened a season at Adelaide Theatre Royal on Saturday night with his Theatrescope, worked by the only female operator in the world, namely, Senora Spencer.

Theatrescope belongs to the same class as …

Land of the Wooden Ham

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Americans, aka “The USofA,” apparently earned their deserved reputation well over a century ago.

The ‘rest of the world’ – themselves thieves extraordinaire – were already treating our American cousins with wary respect a petty thug regards his warlord.

No …

BeetrootGate ~ The Week That Was

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Throsby’s advice to pundits – novice and well-seasoned – is to let a scandal play out a while before opining in a space more enduring than a tweet.

We suspected that #BeetrootGate might whither and die on the vine, like …

January Knick Knackers

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Malcolm Turnbull, it is said, believes the polls might turn in his favour this year.

Labour thinks likewise, that their popularity has peaked. Or are they just touching wood.

For Turnbull maybe the tide has turned. But the mix of …

2017–A Year Too Silly

Each year seems sillier than the last. That’s odd. You would think we’d be getting more used to ...
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The Heart of Politics

Politics has a Heart? In the strangest of dreams, Throsby welcomed to his occident neighbourhood an occupant of oriental ...
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Ignoring Sam

To expats abroad, and abroad locally deplaned, Throsby delineates the dastardly dissemblance of Sam Dastyari. Intrepid headline hunters ought ...
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Bobby, This is Rubbish

In the Great Southern Land we have an anticipatory aphorism: “She’ll be right, mate.” Deployed phonetically as “shilbi ...
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Much Ado About Stuff

The international reader - should the northern hemisphere lapse into inexplicable torpor and attention drift towards Britain’s remaining colony, Terra ...
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Stay Calm

Another exciting week in Australian federal politics. The 47th such, this year. Exciting for government opponents - like lion ...
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The Baker’s Dilemma

Australian politics digs down each day, infatuated by how deep is possible. Throsby likes to “have his cake and ...
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Who Doesn’t Relish a Constitutional Crisis

“I’m a good man in a crisis” declared the leader of Australia’s most crisis-ridden government in decades. A ...
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Australia’s Parliament: UN in Miniature

Throsby, you won’t be surprised to learn, is captivated by the mediocrity of antipodean politics. Such ordinariness, born of ...
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Don’t Tread on Our Inselberg

Exploring central Australia in 1873, William Gosse stubbed his toe on a half-buried gibber and cursed Sir Henry Ayers out ...
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Cacophony on the Pacific Rim

Before the laying of a great telephone cable Australians had developed a truly odd argot of vulgarization. ...
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Asides to the Weary Visitor

Ancient insistence greets weary travelers with food, conversation and warm company. Like-minded, Australia (Oztralya) generously extends camaraderie to ...
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