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Fake the 1969 Moon Landing?

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An old friend reflected on his experience during the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing.

He was employed by Australia’s Postmaster-General’s department (PMG)  – you know it today as the privatised gouging entity, Telstra.

In those days the PMG was run by engineers whose core mission, after delivering letters, was to …

Patients who refuse to pass quietly

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A city hospital nurse confessed to me that she had become hardened like many of the other girls.

She told me now, one night, one of the nurses in her hospital was watching by the bedside of a woman in a very serious condition.

She was reading and keenly interested …

Haircutgate ~ A Grammarian Comedy

Filed under News by The Cigar

As The Cigar waded through the stream of anguish, the unfolding tragedy at Kew TGS – Trinity Grammar School’s “Haircutgate” – the hilarity of it all grew unendurable.

In this leafy walled garden of Melburnian affluence, a trite school drama delivered real passion, hurt, and anger upon participants, victims, and …

SA Election Softens Energy Erections

Filed under News by The Cigar

Cigar has a theory on elections and coin tosses.

Experts on chance proffer the counter-intuitive fact that each coin toss has a 50-50 chance of being heads or tails, no matter how many times either has fallen in a sequence.

But this doesn’t apply to elections.

South Australian voters felt …

Green Micks Day in Batman

Filed under AusPol by Throsby

Voters in the Victorian federal electorate of Batman were a little nonplussed at the huge number of Greens supporters roaming the streets on March 17 election day.

Throsby can’t be sure if punters knew how many of those green-clad enthusiasts were Saint Patrick’s Day oirish celebrants. Nor should he venture …

Green Micks Day in Batman

Voters in the Victorian federal electorate of Batman were a little nonplussed at ...
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Throsby’s Shortcomings

Who is this Throsby character with such a tenuous, superficial grasp of Australian politics and why does he have space ...
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Misconstured Snobs

I take strong offence at the article demeaning Waverly Council liberal supporters as “Bondi Snobs.” We fought for years to ...
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Another Bunch of Lefties?

I notice the usual socialist overtones pervading yet another sorry attempt at a political “blog.” You lefties just never ...
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Quality Journalism

I tripped over your quaint little rag whilst searching for obscenities to throw at my local councillor. While ...
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Bondi Snobs Hobble Pavilion’s Millions

Never get between an Australian Liberal (conservative) and a piece of public property. Behind every Liberal-run government ...
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White Native Gangs Terrorise Largs Bay Locals

The Gadfly went for a mix at Largs Bay on Tuesday night of last week with his sisters, ...
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Reid’s Red Herring

This could have been written yesterday – swap out “Reid” and swap in “Trumble.”
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Boko Bombs Bill

A teenaged Throsby recalls listening to Parliament on the unidirectional non-buffering broadcast pre-Internet. Ming’s Liberal pollies ...
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No Comments? What are you afraid of!

"Really, what are you afraid of with readers' comments? " asks MT from  Pt Piper. Since you insist, additional ...
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Argue with us via email

To read the latest Letters to the Editor ~ Click Here ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Information Letters ...
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I Love a Sunburnt Cliché

Cigar’s Rule: If a politician hasn’t earned a nickname in his first term, he can’t be trusted. ...
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