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Hello Readers

We are haphazardly working on a method of keeping you all at arm’s length whilst trying to entertain our implied mission of whimsying the news and offering a forum for readers to participate. Well, “Sonny Jim” as they say, those days are over, what with bots and trolls and alt-rights and general nastieness on the Interwebs.

If this were a quaint little gardening website, hmm, maybe yes. But politics? I don’t think so.

So, while we’re thinking about methods by which you can vent or rant, these are the issues under ponderation:

  • Comments – All websites have a comments section, don’t they. Maybe, but not
  • Forum – though easily added to web sites nowadays (advances in technology, etc) they are unfortunately high maintenance, like trying to keep an eye on several million children in a playground. I’d love one but .. probably, no.
  • Ask Us – and have your most personal grievances explained in detail to you, like everything your real mum & dad didn’t tell you before dropping their little bundle of joy on that charity’s doorstep. Tiny staff, tinier brains .. mm, don’t think we have the time.
  • Feedback – as in ‘hand-picked forum.’ You know, this one might run in the form of ‘Letters to the Editor’ as the old Mad Magazine originally did (and I’ll bet, though having read a copy since 1981, it still does).
  • Email – Write any time the urge overcomes, to editor at BondiCigar dot com You will have to translate that to a real email address by replacing the ‘at’ with ‘@’ and removing the spaces, etc. They tell me, you see, that little cybery robots crawl around the Internets like dust mites and harvest email addresses and putting them into words confounds them. Not for long, now the black hats are deploying AIs and NNs. Yeah, sure!

PS: When the mail stops bouncing it means we probably got around to creating that address. Keep sending.

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