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Another Bunch of Lefties?   Mar 16 2018

Filed under Letters by Editor

I notice the usual socialist overtones pervading yet another sorry attempt at a political “blog.”

You lefties just never give up. It’s always neoliberal this, neoconservative that, where’s my entitlements. Welfare queens, all of you. The country would be better off if everyone saved for their upkeep instead of bludging off those who do.

KC Dandelion Snow Mountain.

Thank you for those kind words, KC. It’s true, you got us. We’re entitled. And we wish you well in old age, should you be too wealthy for an aged pension, should another of your ilk screw you out of your hard-earned, and then rather than bludge off their begrudged tax contributions, you stick to principles and join the homeless down at the soup kitchen.

~ Ed

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