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Aussie Press: Iraq, Where?   Dec 14 2005

Filed under Editorial by The Cigar

So, Public Affairs (DOD, Australia) clam up tighter than a pollie’s grip on pay day when it’s about our troops in Vietn.. err, Iraq. They might be stingy with information – hence truth – but the blame settles elsewhere.

Since The Toad knee-jerked us into another war, in the fine tradition of conservative PMs, the louder members of our fine press rapidly beat a path in the opposite direction, much like the fabled Brisbane Line in WW2. Most took a step back leaving a half-dozen volunteer battlers to be shipped off to that hot dusty land.

Is the DOD to blame for our totally-vacuumous awareness of what our boys (& gals) are doing over there? Quite, rather, but the fault is ultimately with our tiny forum of over-opinionated, under-informed overpaid ink slingers too busy 6pm-grandstanding to know the "conditions on the ground" in Iraq.

Many creatures of our establishment press indulge inverse Gonzo journalism, their ignorance of Iraq ground zero (one loves to hate that term) highlighted by bizarre commentary, questioning the meaning and intent of reports from those few who dared – as opposed to the many who deigned .

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