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Twitter Burn 1906-style on Apr 3 2018

by The Cigar | ˜

While sitting in his favourite corner at the Greenroom Club, Henry Irving* was approached by a member, Watkins by name, who was an acknowledged bore. Watkins slapped him on the shoulder: Ah, Harry, delighted to see you.” Irving, who was ...

Patients who refuse to pass quietly on Mar 20 2018

by Editor | ˜

A city hospital nurse confessed to me that she had become hardened like many of the other girls. She told me now, one night, one of the nurses in her hospital was watching by the bedside of a woman in a very serious condition. She ...

White Native Gangs Terrorise Largs Bay Locals on Mar 9 2018

by The Cigar | ˜

The Gadfly went for a mix at Largs Bay on Tuesday night of last week with his sisters, collective aunts, and others, the party totalling up to five strong. The Gadfly and its family went along the beach towards the Out-and-outer Harbour, undressed, and put its ...

Reid’s Red Herring on Mar 6 2018

by The Cigar | ˜

This could have been written yesterday – swap out “Reid” and swap in “Trumble.”

A New Weather Prophet on Feb 23 2018

by The Cigar | ˜

From The Gadfly 28 February 1906 Mr. J. Harcourt Giddons’ weather chart for the next thousand years having just come to hand, it has been studied with considerable interest in this office. The Gadfly has decided, however, that meteorological forecasts of a more local nature ...

The Adelaide Shows ~ Theatrescope on Feb 21 2018

by Editor | ˜

Mr. C. Spencer, of New York City, opened a season at Adelaide Theatre Royal on Saturday night with his Theatrescope, worked by the only female operator in the world, namely, Senora Spencer. Theatrescope belongs to the same class as all the other scopes and graphs ...

Throsby does AusPol

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