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AusPol at Easter on Mar 30 2018

by Throsby | ˜

Once, exasperated news hounds might shake their heads and marvel at how life imitates art. Sometimes it was “stranger than fiction.” Nowadays they curse too readily, “You can’t make this shit up.” Headlines, by dint of subjects, grow sillier, but this isn’t ...

Green Micks Day in Batman on Mar 17 2018

by Throsby | ˜

Voters in the Victorian federal electorate of Batman were a little nonplussed at the huge number of Greens supporters roaming the streets on March 17 election day. Throsby can’t be sure if punters knew how many of those green-clad enthusiasts were ...

Boko Bombs Bill on Mar 4 2018

by Throsby | ˜

A teenaged Throsby recalls listening to Parliament on the unidirectional non-buffering broadcast pre-Internet. Ming’s Liberal pollies presented as a sharp well-spoken crew and Arfur Caldwell’s a mob of buffoons. That same mind finds today’s political arena all topsy-turvy. It’s so hard, when ...

January Knick Knackers on Jan 18 2018

by Throsby | ˜

Malcolm Turnbull, it is said, believes the polls might turn in his favour this year. Labour thinks likewise, that their popularity has peaked. Or are they just touching wood. For Turnbull maybe the tide has turned. But the mix of ideologies in the Liberal Party has ...

Much Ado About Stuff on Dec 1 2017

by Throsby | ˜

The international reader - should the northern hemisphere lapse into inexplicable torpor and attention drift towards Britain’s remaining colony, Terra Australis - might need a helping hand with the goings on around this place. Well, Throsby is here for you. The perpetual background noise dominating our ...

Who Doesn’t Relish a Constitutional Crisis on Nov 24 2017

by Throsby | ˜

“I’m a good man in a crisis” declared the leader of Australia’s most crisis-ridden government in decades. A wag tweeted: “I blend in.” Throsby is tickled pink to be covering Australian Politics at such an intricate juncture in the timeline of this great democracy, a nation founded ...

Australia’s Parliament: UN in Miniature on Nov 23 2017

by Throsby | ˜

Throsby, you won’t be surprised to learn, is captivated by the mediocrity of antipodean politics. Such ordinariness, born of a national trait, honed to patriotic specialty, assumes to punch above its international weight, making merriment among our Asian neighbours – that abiding yellow peril to our foreboding north, the ...

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