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A dream born in Bondi on Mar 25 2018

by Jhyimy Two Hats | ˜

Brietta Hague’s fine piece on Hadi Beydoun’s surfing dream, born of Bondi Beach, that he took all the way back to Africa’s Ivory Coast to start a revolution. “Mr Beydoun bought a surfboard and started taking lessons at Maroubra and Bondi. Three years ago, after peace returned to Ivory ...

Bondi Snobs Hobble Pavilion’s Millions on Mar 13 2018

by Jhyimy Two Hats | ˜

Never get between an Australian Liberal (conservative) and a piece of public property. Behind every Liberal-run government lurk deep pockets and acquisitive eyes with a ready case to make this or that infrastructure “profitable” and for public monies to to grease the way. When Waverley Council ...

Pavilion Makeover Done Over on Feb 22 2018

by Jhyimy Two Hats | ˜

A battle about renovating Bondi Beach’s pavilion, one of Australia’s most evocative buildings, has ended. It took citizen action, union work bans, and a line-up of well-known Australians to win. Along the way, Waverley’s mayor - who campaigned for a $38 million “renovation” and privatisation of the ...

Bondi Pavilion Theatre on Feb 21 2018

by Jhyimy Two Hats | ˜

Bondi Pavilion Theatre is open for bookings! Located within the iconic Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Pavilion Theatre hosts a variety of shows and events including theatre, music, film screenings, festivals and talks throughout the year. The 230 seat theatre includes a theatre bar with a balcony ...

Bondi Origins on Jun 8 2007

by Jhyimy Two Hats | ˜

The people from whom this wide brown land was stolen two centuries ago were rather fond of a coastal retreat they called Boondi, the "noise of water tumbling over rocks" (or "a place where a fight with nullas took place"). Whitey, with a penchant for mangling vowels, ...

The Sandman of 1902 on May 18 2006

by Jhyimy Two Hats | ˜

Surfing as a universally accepted activity in Australia covers little more than a century. Photographs show English-type bathing boxes on Googee Beach, NSW, as early as 1870. Sea-bathing during daytime was forbidden by law. In 1833 the New South Wales Government passed an Act ...

Throsby does AusPol

Bondi Curious


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