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The Haircut That Ate Kew Trinity Grammar on Mar 26 2018

by The Cigar | ˜

Oh, down at the catching pen an old shearer stands, Grasping his shears in his long bony hands Click goes his shears; click, click, click. ...

Haircutgate ~ A Grammarian Comedy on Mar 19 2018

by The Cigar | ˜

As The Cigar waded through the stream of anguish, the unfolding tragedy at Kew TGS - Trinity Grammar School’s “Haircutgate” - the hilarity of it all grew unendurable. In this leafy walled garden of Melburnian affluence, a trite school drama delivered real passion, hurt, and anger upon ...

SA Election Softens Energy Erections on Mar 18 2018

by The Cigar | ˜

Cigar has a theory on elections and coin tosses. Experts on chance proffer the counter-intuitive fact that each coin toss has a 50-50 chance of being heads or tails, no matter how many times either has fallen in a sequence. But ...

Weatherboard Boarder Disboards in Disorder on Feb 23 2018

by Throsby | ˜

Throsby can admit but awe and humility at the leader of the National Party’s overwhelming command of… retail politics. Barnyard – or Beetrooter, as we have come to cherish him in so short a time – is such a retailing master, why, he could not only sell ...

Ashfield Council in Flap over Pigeons on Nov 5 2005

by The Cigar | ˜

Emergency Flying Squad Proposed Sydney's inner-west Burough of Ashfield fears pigeons are the biggest potential source of disease if the global threat of bird flu eventuates. The Deputy Mayor of Ashfield, Nick Adams, wants to eradicate local pigeons. He is worried that migratory birds could bring the ...

Drugs Link to Beached Whales on Jun 3 2005

by The Cigar | ˜

Dr. Richard Mobey, Director of Cetacean Pharmacology at the Institute of Cetacean Research, has scorned popular theories on whale beaching. He favours a radical concept of 'metabolic biomagnification' to explain sudden lapses in judgment leading larger ocean mammals into harm's way The current fad suits ...

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