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Hypocracy Bared, Smarts Well Hidden   Sep 10 2005

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We, the boiling frogs, watched seven state premiers and a Territorian embarrass themselves with indecent haste to embrace the ugly foster child of terrorism.

Suddenly, an abrupt increase in government power to harass its citizens and silently jail them for SEVEN years, threatening likewise family or reporter who might blow the whistle … strike that, they can’t because they won’t actually know, because the jailed unfortunate might effectively cop life in the can should he tell anyone, strike that, the seditious bastard can’t tell anyone because, well, you already know how tightly we can stuff crowds of illegal immigrants into ‘for profit’ concentration camps…

On the whim of a Fed or a snitch and you’re done, matey!

We frogs also wondered why such laws were NOT necessary during that long half-century when Communism threatened to engulf the world, and local Red Party members met in a neighborhood commie’s house to plan their devilish overthrow of our democratic way of life.

We, the Aussie battlers, so willingly wooed by that ol’ Silver Tongue royalist, who still howled him down and threw out his attempt to outlaw the Communist Party of Australia, despite their stated seditious mission.

Didn’t worry us! Why, if we wanted we would vote the bloody pinkos into gummint and consequences be damned. It was our right, our birthright, so to do. We had just fought for our lives and survived World War Two for just such a privilege. Lansakes!

And didn’t the Brits spend the last century fighting IRA assaults, the last thirty years of which they endured bombing of London on a regular basis???

No special laws needed then – in either case, either country.

Then there was this fella called Guy Fawkes

Just to explain the snarling tone of this op-ed, it’s my contention that rushing to sedition laws at every perceived threat propels us, in the eyes of history and tradition, to the status of a sniveling, small-minded selfish little nation… "Although Guy Fawkes’ actions were considered terrorism, cynical Britons, who criticize the integrity of politicians, joke he was the only man to go to Parliament with honourable intentions."

What, then, is suddenly different? And why am I frothing invective today?

A few rogue ragheads and we need new laws? One can only shake one’s ragless head ragged, because shaking the bejeesus out of your neighbour – sitting comatose before his idiot box as it announces yet another theft of his rights – is a total waste of effort.

Well "Lawks a mussy!" (as Mum would say when really pissed off with Dad – arriving home from the pub, a little gay and ever so late, around 9:30 pm shortly after it had closed)

We need new laws, do we? Wouldn’t have anything to do with Chicken Little’s claim that unless we enact sudden amazing emergency laws the City of Sydney and environs, if not the entire East Coast of Australia, will slide calamitously into the Pacific ocean consequent upon the trauma of some unforeseen entirely new threat to our way of life brought on no doubt by mindless swarms terrorists controlled by betowelled madmen from the caves of Afghanistan?

On top of that – as if it could be topped – we need drastic and absolutely instant new police powers the bolt down a modern free city because a throng of young fools do what any respectably half-educated, half-witted, half-assed mindlessly-moronic youth do anywhere in the world at the smell of a street fight.

A balmy army indeed. An entire generation nurtured on diffidence, miseducated, misled, honed to bigotry, drunk with selfish greed, spoilt with toys and fast food, raised in an ersatz wasteland of false promise — and ‘bolted down’ when they finally bolt to do our (and their clueless parents’) ugly racist bidding in the streets, while we all gasp in mock-horror and frantically accessorize the wallopers.

We haven’t been so afraid since hoards of Communist Chinese were said to be paddling their sampans down the South China Sea toward our east-coast cities intending disembarkment on our fine golden sands to – you guessed it – rape the women and beat the children.

Strange. They never came but still the women were raped and the children beaten. We were quite capable of it ourselves.

After a week of hysteria in the fine free press – and I use the word ‘press’ literally, and ‘fine’ loosely – justifying the biggest police operation since… err, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games? .., well, at least this month, who then emerges as most opportunistic manipulators of "the Sydney race riots of Christmas 2005"?

Apart from everyone with a car and four mindless youths to spare, the least-mentioned yet most-frequently spotted players have been the mysterious Australian Klu Klux Klansmen (mien Gott that’s hard to type) aka the good ol’ white supremacists, the Nazi-emulators, the ultra-nationalists… and, yes, Anglo Saxons?

Nine days after the shock horror riots, New South Wales police arrested seven men carrying petrol bombs in Sydney in separate incidents, later raiding their homes to discover all sorts of peculiar paraphernalia.

Two men caught with petrol bombs on a public bus at Bondi after a tip-off from the driver (who super-humanly smelled petrol over his bus’s copious diesel fumes) were then interviewed for the next Dumb and Dumber movie. Anyways, anyone on a Bondi bus with petrol were obviously returning from the servo ’cause their car was milked in the Bondi beach car park, probably by petrol-sniffing backpackers.

Then five men were arrested at Brighton Le Sands when police found a drum of petrol and condoms in their car, intended (it’s claimed) for making petrol bombs. Oh, and Kevlar helmets, gerry cans and police scanners?

Most could be forgiven for possessing such reasonable household goods – but Gerry cans?

Police described the men as white, or of European, appearance. NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione announced "what was seized shows there is no need to apologize for widespread disruptions to traffic across the city."

"We’re talking about weapons that are potentially are there to kill and to potentially maim those in the community," he said. "This is yet again a justification in terms of why we are doing what we are doing."

Before you go, please take this final thought with you..

In the light of the Sydney Race Riots of December 2005 with the sudden dramatic laws and suburban ‘lock down’ and an army of police weeding troublemakers from the asphalt arteries, has anyone noticed the prime suspects – the swingers and movers of this entire escapade, our beloved ‘white supremacists’ – have been wandering the streets of our cities for the last fifty bloody years spreading their hideous brand of hatred… totally unmolested, and nowadays never reported, considered too passé by mainstream media?

Then someone shouts "Lebbo" and all hell breaks loose in the tabloid newstainment.

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