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It’s Not Funny   Mar 19 2018

Filed under Letters by Editor

I take exception to your flippant article (and I use the term loosely) trying poorly to ridicule Trinity Grammar School and it’s unfortunate predicament.

There is no funny side to any of this. Everyone is a victim in this ruinous drama. I wish the media would take it seriously. We are hurting. It’s nothing to do with money and all to do with quality education.

And who or what is this “Cigar” person trying to be? It comes across as a poor-man’s Richard Ackland.

~ Ed: Not so much a ruinous drama as a darkish comedy. This really is how the rest of us see you. Cigar says he’d rather be a poor-man’s Ackland than a rich-man’s Blot.

Throsby does AusPol

Bondi Curious


Michael Leunig

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