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Maybe Everything is Fake

The so-called moon landing would be so easy to fake. I mean, look at the special effects in movies nowadays. Even back then they were pretty clever at it. I recall watching 2001 A Space Odyssey and being astounded at how real it was. In fact, now that one thinks …

It’s Not Funny

I take exception to your flippant article (and I use the term loosely) trying poorly to ridicule Trinity Grammar School and it’s unfortunate predicament.

There is no funny side to any of this. Everyone is a victim in this ruinous drama. I wish the media would take it seriously. We …

Throsby’s Shortcomings

Who is this Throsby character with such a tenuous, superficial grasp of Australian politics and why does he have space in your news website? Surely there are plenty of ill-informed high school kids who could make more useful contributions than that buffoon? Hope you’re not paying him or her.


Misconstured Snobs

I take strong offence at the article demeaning Waverly Council liberal supporters as “Bondi Snobs.” We fought for years to get council to renovate the Bondi Beach pavilion. When action was finally happening, the do-gooders and Greenie opportunists swoop in with their show business friends and put a wrecking ball …

Another Bunch of Lefties?

I notice the usual socialist overtones pervading yet another sorry attempt at a political “blog.”

You lefties just never give up. It’s always neoliberal this, neoconservative that, where’s my entitlements. Welfare queens, all of you. The country would be better off if everyone saved for their upkeep instead of bludging …

Quality Journalism

I tripped over your quaint little rag whilst searching for obscenities to throw at my local councillor.

While admitting an admirable first impression, the content beneath the façade is rather wanting. Not sure what you’re trying to achieve but I suspect failure is at hand.

I guess the upside is, …

No Comments? What are you afraid of!

"Really, what are you afraid of with readers’ comments? " asks MT from  Pt Piper.

Since you insist, additional to the reason above about wet blankets, the establishment is gaining control and in more countries every day privacy and defamation laws affect website content. Sites that allow comments should be …

Throsby does AusPol

Bondi Curious


Michael Leunig

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